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P.O. Box Services in Malta

Do you need an alternative address?

A PO Box could be the perfect option for letters, packets and packages. And, for just a nominal amount per year, it could improve the way you manage your mail.

PO Boxes are available in various sizes and could offer the following benefits:

- A better business image for those working from home - The possibility to collect your mail, or have it delivered, whenever suits you - A consistent address in a changing world, and one where you can always be found - The chance to keep certain types of mail separate from others

PO Boxes are available at most locations. To apply for the service, all you need to do is complete the Application form.

P.O. Boxes rates are applicable for 12 months.

Rent of PO Box Small (12cmx12cmx35.50cm) - €130

Rent of PO Box Medium (12cmx28cmx35.50cm) - €190

Rent of PO Box Large (25.50cmx28cmx35.50cm) - €230

Rent of PO Box Extra Large (35.50cmx28cmx35.50cm) - €330

Rent of PO Box Sharing - €70

Deposit on key (one - time, refundable cost) - €15

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Do not hesitat to contact us for more information.