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Malta Virtual Office: IMEX Malta to Help Small Businesses Expand Their Business Providing

If you are running a new business, a start-up company or you simply use to work from home and you don't need a full-time office space, you can choose a virtual office settled in Malta.

If you don't need a full-time office space, but you would like to have a high-profile business address in a premium Maltabuilding and many of the benefits that go along with it, the Virtual Office service is an ideal solution: you can concentrate on the business with the support of a professional team answering your phone calls, handle your mail and faxes and take messages in your company name.

Rental is completely flexible and very low cost; you don't need to make any investments or lengthy leases. The main benefit people can have using the Virtual Office is the easiness to expand into new markets without the need to have an office for each place.

Malta Virtual Office service gives you the functionality, credibility and professionalism you need to succeed especially if you want to run a new business into new markets, settled in different countries from your one.

Privat Address Malta individual Mailforwarding Your own private address for personal use on your cards, websites and any form of marketing material. All mail arriving at our location, can either be held for collection or forwarded onto your designated worldwide location daily.

Postage is charged at actual cost.

Recommended services

Please, bear in mind that we are offering here a mere description of the office's basic service. Most of our clients are based in Canada, Norway, New Zeeland, Argentina, France and Germany. You are the next one?

All these offers are very client oriented and will try to match any additional request client may have.

Additional services -Telephone and Answering Service, Secretarial Services -Maltese mobile phone numbers and fixed lines -Maltese website for your company + e-mail addresses which you can access from anywhere around the world.

Do not hesitat to contact us for more information.