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Malta Registered Office: IMEX Malta to Help Small Businesses Expand Their Business Providing

Every company registered in Malta must have a registered office in Malta. Any changes to the company’s registered office must always be notified to the Registrar of Companies.

Having a fixed address for a newly registered business can be quite a task for businesses setting up in Malta, especially those who wish to start off on a small scale. A major part of the cost of running an enterprise is indeed the cost of having premises. We therefore offer a registered address facility, which is a simple way of establishing a legal presence in Malta, without having to go through any short or long term costly arrangements.

Recommended services

Please, bear in mind that we are offering here a mere description of the registered office basic service. Most of our clients are based in Canada, Norway, New Zeeland, Argentina, France and Germany. You are the next one?

All these offers are very client oriented and will try to match any additional request client may have.

Additional services -Telephone and Answering Service, Secretarial Services -Maltese mobile phone numbers and fixed lines -Maltese website for your company + e-mail addresses which you can access from anywhere around the world.

Do not hesitat to contact us for more information.